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CLYZ Labs secure seed-funding from Catapult Ventures


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Seed-Funded by:

Catapult Ventures

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Sector: Life Sciences and Healthcare

Deal type: Fund Raise

Details: Adviser to fund recipient

Transaction Originated, Negotiated and Structured by:


Summary of Business being invested in

CLYZ Labs, founded in 2017, are developing the Cancertain™ Assay,  a service to select the best drug therapy for personalised cancer treatment.

CLYZ Labs will combine information on drug sensitivity of the patient’s own tumor cells using innovative 3D Cell culture techniques along with biomarker and treatment guidelines to provide a personalised treatment recommendation. This is expected to increase life expectancy and reduce costs by selecting the best treatment option for an individual.

Premier’s Involvement

Premier engaged with CLYZ at an early stage to plan out the route to funding and beyond. This included:

  • Assisting with the compilation of the business plan, financial modelling and pitch deck generation.
  • Marketing the business to strategic investors, who would be a long term investor and supporter of CLYZ Labs.
  • Assisted with bidder selection and provided strategic and financial guidance throughout the legal negotiation process, up to funding.
  • Provided strategic support post completion.
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