Corporate Advisory for Non-Destructive Testing

Our involvement in the Non-Destructive Testing Sector

A key component in product assurance across multiple industries due to the time and cost it saves in the evaluation of the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage.

Premier is a leading specialist provider of merger and acquisition support to owners and managers of businesses in the NDT sector.

We have experience of the full breadth of the NDT sector, including non-destructive examination, non-destructive inspection, and non-destructive evaluation.

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Premier’s Deals in the Products / Materials Testing Sector:

Potential for Growth in the Non-Destructive Testing Market

We know the potential of the NDT sector and have brought together business owners with trade buyers/investors who also see the value in the specific industry technical knowledge and are seeking to grow and invest in this sector.

It is a certainty that the NDT market size will increase as regulations, new products, increased consumer awareness and fear of litigation drives an increase in regulations and testing requirements. Couple this with corporate customers seeking to outsource non-core activities to “best in class” providers, who provide a more complete range of NDT services (which are often cheaper), and we believe our deep experience in this sector provides vital knowledge for NDT businesses seeking to sell now or in the future.

We have led on multiple buy side and sell side mandates in the NDT sector and have helped businesses achieve their strategic plans (funding, business sale, business acquisition) enabling shareholders to maximise the return from their investment.

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