The Shareholder’s Strategic Plan

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An effective Strategic Plan is a key document in all successful businesses. Refreshing the plan each year and aligning to Shareholder goals will lead to maximising a Shareholder’s return. 

Shareholder Strategic Plan: noun. A document detailing the desired shareholder outcome, identifying timescales and resources responsible for goal delivery.

The way to ensure a business maximises the return for Shareholders is to have an agreed:


Some will argue that unilateral shareholder agreement is not always possible, however you can only enable success when you: PLAN TO SUCCEED.

Key steps to achieving a Shareholder Strategic Plan:

  • Document “The Plan”, Debate & Ratify.
  • Assign Responsibility For Delivering The Plan.
  • Get An External Review Of The Plan.
  • Monitor To Maximise Shareholder Return.
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Shareholder value will be most relevant on an Exit; e.g. a divestment, share sale or business sale. On Exit, shareholders can make a considerable return on the efforts they have put into a business. These returns can be maximised when a Shareholder Strategic Plan is in place to direct the business.

Whether you are planning an Exit in the next 6 months or in years to come, we have compiled the following as guidance from our experience in advising shareholders for over 25 years:

  • Document "The Plan"

    Simply by getting The Plan on paper creates debate; which is Good! In debate, shareholders ratify the goals which the business can then work towards. The Plan should have enough detail so that the desired goals, time periods, milestones and resources required can be clearly identified.

  • Assign Responsibility

    Shareholders MUST assign accountability & responsibility for the delivery of The Plan to appropriate leaders in the business. These leaders will in turn set KPIs, timetables & engage with the right internal/external partners. Shareholders must monitor progress and attend regular review meetings.

  • Get an External Review

    Only drawing up a plan from an internal viewpoint can often lead to a skewed view of the world. An external party is able to review The Plan and help identify any 'grey' areas, gaps and required actions. Good advisors also connect you to other parties who can help in The Plan delivery.

  • Monitor

    Once The Plan is in place it is imperative that Shareholders monitor progress and ensure milestone achievement; the route may not be quite as predicted and guidance will be required.

Premier has advised management teams for over 25 years on strategic, investment and divestment plans.
Contact us for an independent view of your SHAREHOLDER STRATEGIC PLAN; or for help to compile one.

Rupert Lewis of Premier Corporate Finance

Rupert Lewis works at Premier Corporate Finance’s Manchester Office.
He has extensive knowledge within the TIC (Testing, Inspection, Certification), FM/Support Services, Industrial and Retail sectors. Having worked in the UK and internationally, Rupert has worked across a range of organisations, including FTSEs, PE backed organisations and SMEs, covering FD, strategic and M&A roles.

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